I have recently migrated all of my tanks back to shrimp focused with low light plants. I still want to provide some nutrition for them, but I am not particularly happy dosing CSM+B and my other stock solutions. I dosed PPS-pro in my main tank, and it seemed like my CRS would hide, not have any appetite, and were generally sluggish. As soon as I stopped all dosing, they came back to life. Now they fight over food, are always moving around picking at the substrate, etc.
I'd like to still provide some sort of nutrition to my plants, so I went in search of a "shrimp safe" commercial product sold here in the states. I came across Brightwell's line of planted products dubbed Florin. The FlorinMulti has copper levels that are a fraction of what most other supplements have, has no extra Nitrate or Phosphate added, and has a small amount of iodine added to assist molting(even says that on the bottle). I'd also like to stay away from excel if possible(riccia, mosses don't seem to like it), so I thought I'd give their carbon supplement "Axis" a shot.

Has anyone else experimented with these long term? It's rare to find a vendor that even cares about shrimp hobbyists stateside, so I thought it deserved a shot.