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Thread: Japanese Moss Balls/brackish water shrimp tank

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    Default Japanese Moss Balls/brackish water shrimp tank

    Wanted to let you all know that I put a small Japanese Moss Ball in with my Hawaiian Red Shrimp about 9 weeks ago and it is doing great. The shrimp love picking it over for the bio film. No sign of brown algae on ball or other stress. In fact, it looks fluffier from them cleaning it every day. Something new to try for those with brackish water as I have not seen the "moss" as being listed for this anywhere. Although I did read that a pinch of salt would help one suffering from brown algae in a freshwater set up.

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    One time when i had a brackish tank that housed a puffer and a scat with 2 red claw crabs. i tried putting everything in there to see what would grow. Java moss could stand my tank, 1.018 specific gravity, ive also got some taiwan moss now in thier, i also have Opae Ulu now in my brackish tank, i did put marino balls in ther and they liked it but my scat ate all green vegetation. You can also put bamboo in there, they grow a huge root mass, also you can try mangroves seeds. It has been my expeirence that brown algea comes from a tank that has not been cycled correctly for a long time or never, hence new tank syndrome. I also can say that brown algea always came just right before the green algea bloomed. Hehe, i have so many plants i dream about growing algea, i have to do it in 1 gallon jugs seperate. You need 3 things to grow plants and algea, that is a source of CO2, Beneficial bacteria to make plants sugars, food for the beneficial bacteria, and of course lighting, any one of those out of whack and your plants will start to fail and die. Anyway i talk to much. C ya - Shrimpnairf

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    I had once a planted brackish tank with bumblebee goby's , endlers livebearers and red cherry shrimps.
    Here is a list of plants I have tested and can tolerate or even adjust to light brackish water conditions:

    Salinity up to 1003
    -Anubias sp. Not all of them. barteri is more hardy and can tolerate salt.
    -Εchinodorus tenellus
    -Cabomba aquatica.
    -Εleocharis acicularis.
    -Hygrophila stricta,Hygrophila siamensis, Hygrophila corymbosa.
    -Μyriophyllum spicatum.
    -Νymphoides sp. (banana plant)
    -Crinum thaianum
    -Cladophora aegagrophila (moss balls)
    -Lemna minor

    Salinity up to 1005 or more
    -Egeria densa.
    -Ceratophyllum demersum.
    -Vallisneria sp. americana, gigantea, spiralis
    -Ceratopteris thallictroides.
    -Sagittaria sp. The best known is S.subbulata.
    -Java fern-Microsorium pteropus
    -Java moss -Taxiphyllum barbieri
    -Cryptocoryne sp Not all species. I have tried ciliata and beckettii succesfully.
    -Samolus valerandi.
    -Red mangrove
    -Crinum calamistratum, Crinum pedunculatum
    -Lilaeopsis brasiliensis

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