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    Default Planaria and Hydra

    Safe-Guard® Goat Dewormer, Fenbendozole 125 mL is a liquid suspension, already dissolved (have to shake of course) and ready to use. Works great. Suspension 10% (100 mg/mL)

    1 cc = 1 ml

    Personally I used 1 dose for Planaria (I understand it may require an additional dose for Hydra).

    After. (over night), I saw only couple bumps in the tank, like they had withdrawn and after I got back from work, 12 hours after treatment, not one specimen, nothing. I tested for an ammonia spike due to die off, and I didn't have one.

    After 2 days did normal pwc. Did a couple of extra pwc to clean up the water.
    During treatment, left the filter running to make sure to kill anything in there. Stirred the sand (with a chopstick) a couple times after the first dose, and in the morning, again when I got home just for good measure.

    At this dose, I had no loss of shrimp or snails, in two tanks. This has been, months ago and they have never returned. It did however seem to get rid of a little tiny worm in the sand, very fine and thin, and what I was told was a detritus worm - FYI

    This detailed info comes from SolvingNormal from (Thank you!)

    If you're using the 1% solution (1 part 10% Safe-Guard wormer, 9 parts tank water) so that you have a solution with 10mg fenbendazole/cc, you can use the following formula:
    where v is the volume (in gallons) of the tank you're going to be treating. Thus, for your 16 gallon tank, 0.25*16=4, so you would use 4cc of the 1% (10mg/cc) diluted solution.

    If you wanted to use the straight wormer (100mg/cc), use the formula
    again, where v is the volume of the tank to be treated. For a larger tank, like your 30 gallon, this may be more practical. In this case, 0.025*30=0.75, so you would administer 0.75cc of the straight 10% Safe-Guard (100mg/cc) solution. I still recommend taking a bit of tank water out first to mix the 0.75cc dose up in, then pouring it all back into the tank, just so that it disperses more evenly, but you don't have to.

    Anyways, here are the numbers:

    If using a 1% (10mg fenbendazole/cc) solution (using it diluted):
    16g: 4.0cc
    30g: 7.5cc
    35g: 8.75cc

    If using a 10% (100mg fenbendazole/cc) solution (dosing it straight):
    16g: 0.4cc
    30g: 0.75cc
    35g: 0.88cc (rounded-you don't have to be perfect)

    (You may notice it's just a factor of 10 - all that happens is that the decimal place moves over one digit when we diluted it to a 1 in 10 solution)

    ****Note to others who may find this thread later - the formulas here are applicable only for the goat formulation of fenbendazole, which is a 10%, or 100mg/mL, solution (and which I like, because it dissolves so readily in water). If using the dry granules (generally sold for dogs), they are a 22.2% product, with 222mg/g, and must be dosed differently.
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