View Full Version : Guinea Pigs Anyone ????

28th Feb 2008, 03:36 AM
I also have 2 male Guinea Pigs that I dont have the time to take care anymore .. They are about 2-3 months old ..
I do have the extra foods, BIG cage, bedding .. grass .. water bottle. Vitamin C drops and everthing else for them .. I do give them a bath once every 2 weeks (you dont have to give them a bath at all :) .. and hug them and play with them .. but I no longer have the time to do that with them and I feel bad about it .. I am hoping someone else might be able to do that .. You could take just 1 piggy if you like but without the cage .. because I need the cage for the poor guy until someone take him ..
YOu are welcome to come take the two piggies and everything else if you like .. free ..
That is if you are in the New England areas
Pliz PM if interest :)