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Thread: Anyone heard of jet black Cherry's ?

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    Cool Anyone heard of jet black Cherry's ?

    I went to my local Aquatic Center yesterday to get some bits for my new tank, looked at the shrimps and they had some called Jet Black shrimp, they looked like some type of Neocaridinia to me some displayed a lighter stripe on the back but were a dark colour ?. Anyway I bought some orange sunkist and will go and get some of these black ones today I think I will post pics later.

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    Hi Lillith, here in Spain there are some who call "Black Sakura shrimp", these come from German shops.
    I'm looking forward to those photos.

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    Black Sakuras and Chocolate Sakuras are beautiful shrimp, but you need to make sure their captive bred. Many stores are selling Blackberry shrimp that are almost always wild imports, their a very deep black but their offspring are usually clear or slightly blue. The ones I got in were very delicate and didn't do very well.

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    There are also a newer mutation of the red cherry that is also jet black with a sparkle grey/silver stripe down the top. It is rare as far as I know, but I know of at least two people (reported through forum posts) that have had this strange and beautiful mutation. Interestingly enough, in both cases it was reported that the keepers colony had been established for a long time, possibly two years + so it does not appear that it was the result of the intro of a new shrimp ie being hybredized. I have seen pics and they match your description, but I agree with Alpha Pro as theses new Cherry mutants prolly haven't had enough work done yet to be released as a stable strain.

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