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    Quote Originally Posted by krayz5183 View Post
    One thing to consider when tylos aren't active is if the tds or hardness. Get to high..20% water change with distiller water helps alot...this helps my tylos alot ..they get very sluggish and after this very active

    I don't think it's the fact that it's distilled water that matters, just the water change.

    My Tylos are very active, breed like rabbits and my conductivity is 450/500 S (I have already tried to increase it to 800 S without any problem).

    However, I change 20% of the water each week. This seems to stimulate them, even to give birth to babies.

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    I had gotten some Rabbit Snail adults in the mail last week. 8 yellow and 4 white / yellow spotted. I had a new tank set up with proper parameters and a nice sand bottom. When I put them in there, they didn't move hardly and I was afraid they were going to die. They weren't responding to food etc. The next morning, they were all in the same spot as the night before and I got really worried then and put them all in my yellow neo shrimp tank that has been set up for several months, same parameters and sand bottom as the new tank. New tank was running with a mature sponge filter from a mature tank. As soon as I dropped the snails in the mature shrimp tank, they all came out and were much more active and all alive and eating. I found 4 babies later that day. 3 white / yellow spotted and 1 yellow. I think they need a mature tank to be comfortable. I think they would have died in my new setup even with no ammonia, Nitrites or nitrates. I read somewhere they need an established tank, but only saw that once out of all the research I have done since I got them. My guess is they need a mature cycled tank with lots of biofilm etc. Just my experience I thought I would share. I'm no expert on these yet.

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    At what size do they start having babies? I notice mine do not really grow very fast... I only have 3 in a 7 gallon, so that may be the issue. I'm thinking of building them something a bit bigger, but only if I knew they would breed!

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