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Thread: Australian freshwater cary/yabby - stunning

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    Default Australian freshwater cary/yabby - stunning

    yesterday i went up the Blue mountains, NSW, australia to take my visiting finnish friend for some sight seeing and to visit my cousin's property at mt victoria. we did some bush walking and stuff and came across a creek with cascades and little rockpools and i spotted a massive yabby and some smaller juvenile's. they looked like this. identical to this colouring. (not my pic)

    pretty cool stuff. i tried to get the big one out to take some pics but it wasnt very agreeable to handling, plus my battery was going dead, only managed a little bit of video footage so i'll have to lift some stills from that later.
    i was looking for details on collecting yabbies, saw something about 200 per day or something similar. anyone know the rules on collecting them for pond/aquarium keeping? i can go back there and try to get some little ones, my cousin said he used to catch them all the time when he was younger but hadnt been down there in a while, and had never seen one the size of the one we found. would like to know more about keeping them.
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