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    Was wondering if anyone knows whether BGA is dangerous to shrimp/snails or not? I have one tank with it, and one without. The tank without seems to be functioning fine, the tank with the BGA is not. Eg. slow snail growth, high shrimp deaths ect.. The tank without BGA has plenty of snail young and they grow quickly. Wondering is BGA is somehow toxic?

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    I can actually answer my own question now after doing some research on Google.

    I search "blue green algae bad" on Google and ran into a bunch of pages from the DNR and other .gov pages. Seems there are plenty type of BGA that are in fact toxic. Some can even kill dogs if they drink too much of the water.

    In short, the types that are harmful can;
    - use up all of the oxygen in the water and therefore kill underwater life
    - cause diareha and vomiting
    - liver poisoning
    - muscle cramps
    - skin irritation
    - intestinal distress

    Hmmm this stuff sounds scary! And here I thought it was just another type of algae. Though I did wonder why my one aquarium was functioning better than the other. All of the information I found was mostly effects on humans and dogs; I wonder how this stuff effect fish/shrimp/snails? Thoughts?

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    Test your P04 and N03 levels. One theory is that low N03 : P04 ratio cause bga, while a higher n03 to p04 ratio causes green spot algae. Google 'redfield ratio'.

    I've never had it in a shrimp tank, but I've had problems with it in brightly lit planted tanks. Sure fire way to get rid of it is to install a uv sterilizer.

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    Do not use antibiotics which are recommended by some people. You`ll kill your bacteria in the filter as well (I ve lost most expensive fish using antibiotics)

    Vacuuming, blackout for 3-4 days, adding KNO3 will help to kill those. Blaming only low NO3 is not fair. I think it`s much more about circulation and dirt in the tank...

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