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Thread: red goldflake shrimp info

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    Question red goldflake shrimp info

    i want to get some red goldflakes and breed them. where could i buy some of these on the internet? and if anyone could tell me any info at all on goldflakes, i would appreciate it.


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    You'll be pushed to find Caridina spinata specifically, they're more of a chance buy going off their availability in the UK. You might be better of aspiring to buy any Sulawesi species and make a tank suitable for most species.

    I managed to get a pair of these a year or so ago. The first died within a week, which made me realise how delicate Sulawesi shrimp really are! The other survived for a long time, but died recently due to a tank change. However, it seemed very at home at 29 degrees Celsius and pH 8. Unfortunately, I do not measure any other aspect of water chemistry due to how expensive the kits are! Maybe when I start working, eh?

    In my opinion you'd be better off aiming for either something challenging that would have no impact on the wild, aka a captive bred species. If you're still adamant about trying a Sulawesi species, you'd be better off reading through a lot of research and information on forums etcetera beforehand. Then, if you still feel confident enough to try, create an aquarium with perfect water chemistry for them.

    For a particularly useful bit of research, search 'Sulawesi shrimps Described' and somewhere near the bottom will be a thread by joydiv. Use the link in there.

    Hope this was useful at all and good luck,

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