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Thread: Help - Filter Sponge Dropped into Tank

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    Default Help - Filter Sponge Dropped into Tank

    I was taking out the sponge from my external waterfall filter sponge, and dropped it accidentally into the tank. [I decided to wash the sponge because I noticed that a 2-3shrimps were swimming towards the surface (as though for air) and there were water bubbles at the edges of the tank water surface]

    I fished the sponge out, but the water become a little cloudy immediately. I was worried about ammonia/nitrite spiking so I took out about 20-30% of water and added new waters. I had rinsed the sponge, and set the filter running again.

    The water is slowly clearing, none of the shrimps are swimming to the surface now, just one crawling about on the sides of the tank. But I am concerned about the survival of my CRS. Have to knock off from work now. Hope I don't see any dead shrimps tomorrow.

    Will the shrimps be OK? If I do see dead shrimps tomorrow, what should I do? I do not have any emergency tanks, I also do not have any test kits.

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    not to worry too much. They are probably not that sensitive. Hopefully you got a bigger tank that gives u more room for the mistake.

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    Default All's Well

    Thank God. No casualty sighted this morning. Any idea why the shrimps are swimming to the brim of the water surface in the first place?

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    warm water with filter turned off, slowed down by sludging up ? and therefore slower current and lower oxygen levels dissolved in water

    just a guess


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    Quote Originally Posted by brightsparky View Post
    Thank God. No casualty sighted this morning. Any idea why the shrimps are swimming to the brim of the water surface in the first place?
    It could be courtship. If it are only males swimming around violently, it is a good sign.

    If all the shrimp are sitting close to surface, not doing much: aerate and/or cool the water ASAP. Cfr. Andrew's answer.

    What is the temp?
    have patience my friend
    ... and big filtercapacities

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    Temp is about 24 degrees Cel. I sure hope it is courtship. But I doubt so, because I have seen them in courtship, swimming in and out, and going crazy. For this case, 2-3 were swimming against the "waterfall" current, and reaching to the top, and lingering there as though gasping for air. One of them, did a flick, "committing suicide"?, and stuck to the dry top portion of the tank, and then I had to place it back.

    Well in any case, I will change water every 2 weeks.

    Much thanks for advice.

    ~ brightsparky ~
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