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Thread: CRS - getting the white to look really white

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    Question CRS - getting the white to look really white


    I have had my CRS for about 10 days. When I got them, and still now, many of their 'white' areas mostly look translucent rather than truly opaque white. Is this just because they aren't very high grade CRS, or would it be a nutritional/water parameters issue?

    I have heard that "adding calcium" can help whiten the white... Is this true? If so, please tell me how to do this.

    Water is:
    - pH7
    - kH3
    - GH low(ish)
    - 26C
    - Nitrates etc I don't know until my new test kits arrive, but there are lots of plants and the CRS appear happily active.



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    They will have their color back. They are just getting use to this new water and new place. It's like cherry shrimps, some of them doesn't look red but, soon as you give good light, good water and get use to new place, they get better color.

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    Good posting, go9ma123 is correct so don't be worried about it.

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    Thanks AK and Go, but actually these shrimp were like that before I bought them and haven't changed in the month since then. A new CRS that I bought last week has more opaque white on it. They may have been raised in different conditions, or it could be genetic.


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    I'm thinking genetic. I bought some supposed "B" grade to start out with, and when I got them, they looked like "B -A" grade. But as they grew older, some of them look more like "C" now. I also bought some "A" grade from another seller, and well, they are still "A" probably even "S". Anyways, point is, I don't know if there's a way to get the white any whiter.

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    calcuim will help also keep the water 22-24 for max color thatsa bout all u can do. please pm me with wer eu got ya shrimp from and how much and id like to talk to u via msn if possible as us aussie crs guys are rare and im new to shrimo as well

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