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Thread: What kind of filter should I use?

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    Default What kind of filter should I use?

    What kind of filter is best for a CRS tank (to prevent baby shrimp from getting sucked up)? Im intending to change my setup soon.

    My current tank:

    Problem is, it's one of those closed top tanks where the water cycles to the back, and alot of shrimps often get trapped in the back compartment, so I added the green netting, but I don't think baby shrimp would be protected.. Im getting a new tank, but not sure what kind of filter to use.

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    how about canister filter?

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    for the filter question please use the Search function or take a look into the various subforums e.g. the Equipment & D.I.Y. subforum.

    Your shrimps will still try to find a away to get into the extra compartment in the back of the tank. They like dark places and they are extremely good in finding ways into everything. As long as they are not killed there, I wouldn't worry too much.

    I have for example an external filter. The inlet was always from the first day onwards covered with a sponge and later on with a very fine net in two layers. I never had any doubts that anything larger than 0.5mm would ever fit through it. When I cleaned the filter after a half year I found about a dozen shrimps on the bottom of the external filter. Some were about 1.5cm large. I still have no idea how they found a way into it but they did and were doing quite well in there.
    In the past I used hand-on the top filters like Aqua Clear and I always had shrimps in them. There were even adults in them below the basket with the filter material. They could never fit through the inlet in one piece but they were there.

    So somehow they find ways into everything, especially if it is dark and has a nice current.

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    Air Sponge filters are best in my option. Cheap and easy to clean out. You can also use filter you have right now, but, I think adding one sponge filter will help more. By the way, do you have spong on your filter? If not, it can be harmful to your baby shrimps. They can be sucked into the filter...

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