Out of the 20 Blue pearls I bought only 3 survived I dont want to get into the reasons its not my fault I did not make a mistake. The shrimps came in very weak so within a span of 2 weeks all of them died except 3 out of which 2 were matured femals n 1 male. I've transferred them them in a well cycled tank some 3 weeks ago. Their color slowly came back they look healthy come out to feed, beautiful blue color reappeared.

Yesterday I found a matured female berried she always had pale blue color compared to the the other female. Today I saw her color was paler is it due to the stress of being berried. She came out to eat and argued as usual with the Bridgesi Apple snail over her Mosura tablet. Guys who have Blue pearl did u see the same occurence in yr tanks. I'm worred coz I've got only 3 left and don't want to lose them coz its very difficult to find blue pearl here.