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Thread: High temperature OK for cherry shrimps?

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    Default High temperature OK for cherry shrimps?

    hi guys, I'm a new member from Singapore.

    May i ask all the experts here whether high temperature such as 28++ degrees celsius will affect the cherry red shrimps, or perhaps kill them? I had a friend who keep his 2 feet tank of shrimps in the balcony facing the sun, and he mentioned that temperature can go higher than 30 degrees celsius.

    This same guy started with tens, and ended up with thousands of shrimps now. He also did not use any test kits (such as ph, kh, ammonia, nitrate etc), and furthermore he DID NOT do any water change ever. He merely add water due to evaporation. Anyone has anything to share on his experience.

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    From experience, shrimps do not do very well in high temperature. If you notice, most of us would either use a fan or chiller to cool the tank.

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    yeah u are right. i do notice many shrimps lovers use a fan or chiller. Anyway i need to cycle my tank for weeks before introducing my 4th batch.

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