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Thread: Ph and GH question for CRS

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    That kH of 5 is fine. Don't let it go higher than that for I can guarantee your pH will be raised again in no time.

    Higher kH means higher buffering capacity hence it can make water to have a higher resistance to shift in pH. And in your case of higher pH of 8 to start out with, it can make your water's pH harder to shift to the acidic state. I believe your tap water or city supplier uses sodium hydroxide to buffer their water and hence it makes it very hard as well as in the alkaline state.

    And that is also the reason why I tell you not to add too much HCl later on to drop your pH because it will make your water's kH very high, making it very hard to buffer back up in the future.

    Please make sure to check your pH in the day and evening after you mix your R/O water with your tap water.

    Your GH of 4 is perfect.

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    Thanks Kenshin for all your help. I really do appreciate it

    What is a figure for CRS with KH and GH.

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