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Thread: Clam and other living things in my shrimp tank

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jane of Upton
    Where in the US are you located? You CAUGHT that loach that had the babies? Where? That's really neat!
    He is in LA. He caught the loach in Hong Kong stream. I am not sure where he is these days, so I answer for him.

    I just bought 2 freshwater clams, they disappeared into gravel, I am not sure if I ever find the again. Do they shift their position inside gravel?

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    Sorry for not replying sooner. I have been in HK again checking out the local fish and shrimp scene.

    Like Fruitpie said, I caught the loaches in a hillstream in HK when I was there in November last year. Usually I don't find that many loaches late in the year and I was surprise to see this big pregnant loach so I snatched her up right away. Come to think of it she did not put up much of a fight, it's almost like she was waiting for me to catch her.

    She gave birth to at least 50 babies a few weeks after her arrival. All the babies have grown up now and I have a tank full of loachies.

    These loaches have a very nice personality. They are active yet not destructive to plants. To date they are the best bottom fish for a planted tank that I have found in the wild. Also they keep my tank clean of algae just as good as SMEs.

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    hey gigahertz,
    What procedures do you have to go through at the airport when bringing live fish and inverts into the country? Do you have to notify the Fish and Wildlife service?

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