Hi all,

First off all thanks for reading this, and trying to help

I will try to explain the situation in here: I always had a hughe 375 liter tank, with a African Cichlid setup. Cotaining lots off ''moonstones'' and sand. But my intrest faded, and i gave aqay/sold all the fish and cleared the tank. I have shrimps for around 16 years now, and one thing led to another, new plans where born.

I wanted to make a hughe Galaxy Fishbone tank, with in mind to later on breed BOA paterns. So i used the Skyfish method setting up the tank, till everything was full off biofilm and ready for some shrimp. But i still dislike the layout, so i added the original moonstones from the African Cichlid setup. About 2 weeks after this point i checked all parameters some how the PH raised to around 8, and never been letting to get it lower then this.

I thought the ''moonstones'' where the parameter that raised my ph, so i pulled them out again. But after a week, still no change in PH.

I'm thinking to add a extra layer of ADA amazonia soil to lower the PH even more. (but then i need to go treu the cycle ones again, so thats a no go)

* Im thinking to put the ADA soil in a empty tank, and cycle it there, once it is cycled (no ammonia leech anymore) ill introduce it in the existing tank. (as a toplayer)

Tanks Specs: 375 liter, ADA Amazonia + Malaya soil (4 months old), all cycled to PH 6.3 (Current PH 8.1) /NO ammonia/KH 0–1 / GH 5 / TDS: 160


What do you think about this , or do you have a better method for me? All help/ideas is much appreciated

Im a litle worried about the idea that all these lovely Fishbone Galaxys are in PH 8.1 currently, they seem fine tho.