I'm reading now about keeping Sulawesi shrimp, cardinal shrimp in particular, and can't find some details. Can you answer or point me to the future reading, please?

1. Are rabbits snails absolutely necessary or just desirable?

2. Large snails eat and poop a lot, comparing to the small shrimp, this increases organics in what should be ultra-oligotrophic environment. In no plants, except marimo moss balls, tank adding algae wafers should affect water a lot. What should be done about it?

3. These shrimp come from iron and chromium rich environment. Is Salty Shrimp Sulawesi Mineral 7.5 or 8.5 enough or some mineral support should be added? In what form? Red lava rock should be iron rich, don't know about Cr.

4. How to grow a green algae on rocks? Some tanks has lush green layer on the rocks, owner said that this is because light and temperature. What spectrum, intensity, photo period, because I don't see this kind of growth in my low tech low light setups.

5. Are sponge filters enough or limestone air diffusers should be added for keeping up with oxygenation?

Thank you.