I got a small 20l dennerle tank well planted with several kind of plants (several mosses, stem plants, crypts and buces). Got as well lots of hiding places provided by several pieces of lava rock.
I do 10% of weekly water changes, top ups with RO water. Pressurized CO2 at 1b/5s and few drops of Profito as fertilizer to the plants. Soil, it's a small layer of crushed lava rock, topped by some shrimpsoil.

The pH has been pretty stable at 6.5, GH at 4 and KH at 1. Temperature always stable at 23. Tank had been set up in the first week of November 2014. The beginning of this year I introduced my first batch of f1 hybrids (spotted head with pinto gene, born from crossbreeding spotted x taiwan) and 2 weeks later I added a small batch tigers, to see what of surprises I could get.

Roughly a bit more than a week ago, I started to noticed some dead shrimps... about one every single day. Thought they have died of old age, or some kind of molt problem, and then I start to check parameters and everything seemed normal.
Yesterday I spoke to a friend and he told to start to look for signs of disease or infection ( milky colours). Done some search about it, and I noticed one special thing, the '' infected'' shrimp, on his white colour turns pinkish.
Searched a little bit more and it looks like I got some kind of bacterial infection and, I started a treatment with h2o2, treating the tank with 1ml per 4l.

This is where I need your guidance and help, because I'm quite a noob about shrimpkeeping, but not the in general aquaria (plant and fish wise).

Thanks in advance,
Joe Faria.