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    Default ADA CO2 set

    I am planning/considering to get a ADA CO2 set for 14L shrimp tank. they look so cool. ow about topica nano set? Is it possible to run it with lights on for 8 hours without killing shrimp? My aim is to get HC carpeting and i rea in tropic site it is advanced plant.. so what rate of CO 2 should be used safe fo shrimp?

    Will it lower the PH and what water parameters and other care should I look out for?


    At night, you need to air off CO2 but not all CO2 till the pH increases a lot. There are 3 approaches to do this. One, run the CO2 24/7 and use a timer to run a very small air-pump at night to increase the pH to about 0.3. Two, Use an intelligent controller that will turn on CO2 during lights on all the way and control the pH to be 0.3 above the day time when CO2 is a full load. Three, use two timer for turning on CO2 full-time during lights-on and intermittently at night and, the other timer to turn on air-pump full time at lights-off.

    If I dont have co2 timer but can have a timer for ai pump, should I adopt the 1st method? Will co2 be depleted faster that way?

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    You normally need 8-10 hours of co2/lighting for plants, so 24/7 is like 2-3x the use, but is best because parameters stay more stable, just a low amount of co2 will do or you'll gas out everyone. Also starting hc with dry smart method would help alot.

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