hi there,

I would like to solicit for some advice on this mystery death of my shrimp in my fire red only tank. I have my shrimps in a 5 gal tank, with 2 sponge filters running, and keeping the ph to the range of 7.2 to 6.8 with the help of a few catappa leaves in my tank... and for the past three days i have noticed one dead shrimp, a total of 3 dead as of the moment... they have been in a matured tank, and the readings i get from my test kits are listed below:

Ph 7.2 to 7.0 ( sometimes goes to 6.8)
Gh 5
NO2 zero
NO3 (i dont test, as i dont dose anything in my tank )

Further information of the tank is its pretty much shrimp only with mosses and DIY PVC breeding tubes covered with moss. I feed my shrimp once of twice a day with Azoo Max growth and Azoo Max breed. Im solicitiing help from shrimp keeping experts as to why could possibly be the other causes of death. as im completely lost...
im currently based in the philippines now where the tap water is far different from the tap water you get from canada.... I know neos are hardy species, and i do have about 5 to 6 berried females and get occassional molts every three days. (the bio load in my 5 gal is about 40 to 50 shrimps, plus about 5 new shrimplets ) though i know you can house about 100 shrimps in a 5 gal tank.

One thing that comes to mind is i might be over feeding my shrimp too much max breed as the protein content is pretty high about 45%, which im not sure im making them molt too fast...

im humbly asking for help...