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Thread: Substrate for Sulawesi shrimps ?

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    Default Substrate for Sulawesi shrimps ?

    After some minor success with Cardinals , I'm now trying to try as many Sulawesi shrimps as possible . My next target is Yellow Cheek and Red Line - which was my favourite for long ago . But chosing the right substrate is always the problem . My tank now is using Japan Project Soil 7.2 , and the Cardinals are doing well , since they're F2-F3 from my friend's tank , but I wonder will the Yellow cheek and Red line require higher standard ? And this time , the shrimps are wild-caught . It's really hard to find brand and safe substrate that above 7.5-8 in my country . Some of us tried Gex Roka Sand ( pH around 7.2-7.5 ) and Seachem Onyx Sand ( pH > 8 ) , but none has done it with those 2 types of shrinp . Anyone who experienced those substrates before can tell me some pros and cons of each ? And another alternative substrate ?

    Thanks in advance

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    If you wanted active substrate, use dry aragonite for marine aquarium. Else if you wanted inert sand, use lava sand.

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