Hi guys finally taking the plunge to do a crs tank(fingers crossed)

First off, I have a 15 gal planted tank that used to house some puffer fish RIP. The tank has been running for around 5 months now with a matured eheim 2217 and liberty, ada new amazonia, and laterite under the substrate.

My shipment of full line of mosura products have been delayed til the dec 20. Shrimps are arriving on the 27th

I have 2 options (please help me):
Option 1: Rip apart the tank now, remove the laterite, remove all plants, and put everything back together, then just dose mosura old sea mud weekly and bt-9 once or twice a month. This would give me 2 weeks for thing to settle in.

Option 2: Wait one more week for the mosura suppliments to arrive. Then rip everything apart. Place the bt-9 and old sea mud under the substrate, where they belong. But this will only give me 1 week for things to settle in.

Filter, driftwood, & substrate have been there for roughly 5 months so they are pretty much full of life. The only thing that I'm afraid of are the creatures that would surely die when I hose off the laterite.

What should I do now?