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Thread: New tank setup for PRL

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    Really awesome tank/setup. Do you have any updates?

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    An update of my tanks.

    All the PRL's died after a month, except for one. The tank seems to be fine, I did all the research. But I found out that the inflow from the sponge filter and ugf was not strong enough. Also it seemed that the water did not had enough oxigen. So I've changed the setup, just to save one PRL. So I've disconnected the sponge filter from the cannister and connected it directly to the UGF. And connected an air pump to the spongefilter.

    After that change the one PRL didn't show any sign of weakness. It lived untill last week and died due to age(was about 1 year old).

    So after this experience I've learned a lot, what I want to share with others. The most important things a PRL keeper must consider, besides all the normal stuff for keeping cyrstal reds:

    - Water quality stability, don't change too much. Make sure the water conditions are perfect before adding the PRL's. Use cherry's to mature the aquarium.
    - Oxigen, aeriation is really important for PRL's. Oxydators did not work good enough for mine. Real air will do the work.
    - Patients, don't rush anything.

    So with that said this is the update of my tank. Last week I've bought some new shrimps, 10 Bloody mary's and 3 PRL's. Bought them from a german shop(Rendo shrimps) and wanted to see if the quality of the shrimps are good as they show at their website. That's why I only bought 3 PRL, also wanted to see if my tank is as good as I think it is.

    the large tank:

    The shrimps


    Small tank:
    Attachment 8244

    I do have a small problem with the smaller tank. The ph just doesn't drop to 6, it stays on ph 7, even the ugf and cannister setup is the same.
    There are only cherry's in this tank, but might want to have some PBL or PRL's offspring in it. If some one have any suggestion I will appreciate.

    Hope you like it!

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