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Thread: Orange Neo's berried

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    Default Orange Neo's berried

    A week an a half ago I started finding dead neo's everyday without any reason.
    My shrimps started to hide and refused to eat. This is not a good sign.
    I checked the water parameters and found the Nitrate was 40ppm.
    The orange neo's came from a hobbyist with lower nitrate so I guess my tank with high nitrate readings was the death cause.
    I got biofilter media which reduces nitrate added to the external filter in a stocking and within two days the reading were down to 5ppm. The shrimp deaths stopped found them to be busy grazing and wandering around the tank.

    Yesterday I came home to see 3 females berried.
    Orange neo 14.11.13.jpgOrange neo arriving to feed 14.11.13.jpgOrange neos berried 14.11.13.jpgOrange neos egg sack 14.11.13.jpgOrange neos feeding 14.11.13.jpg

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    Very nice looking shrimp. I just got a bunch myseld

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