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    Default Shrimp Maintenance

    Hello. I wanted to know how much maintenance shrimp actually require in terms of hours per week. Anything that would take time should be added to the estimate, like feeding and water changes. Having never kept shrimp I don't how much care they need.

    In addition what are some shrimp that require little maintenance. I personally love the way cardinal shrimp look, but they require a lot of care and I do not have the time. I'm looking for colorful shrimp, either caridina or neocaridina. My picks would be the crystal red shrimp or the blue tiger, but I do not know how much care either require.


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    Thumbs up MANY factors' missing from your questions

    Depends on the size & shape of tank, type of filters, type & amount of livestock, etc....

    I keep around 30 adult & 50 assorted-size juvenile SS/SSS CRS in a custom-made frameless 25"x13"x9" 12gallon tank using a canister filter with a sponge prefilter attached (sponge prefilter keeps canister clean' for MUCH longer = 2+ months between cleaning of canister internals')

    Feeding - 2-5 minutes per day
    Maintenance/water changes - 30 minutes per week (every week I do a 50% water change with *perfect H2O including vacuum substrate, rinse prefilter sponge, clean inside front glass only, etc.)
    Staring at my CRS - 10-20 hours per week
    Researching/reading about shrimp - 5 hours per week

    Cardinal shrimp look awesome but they can be pretty shy & skittish.... CRS are fearless' / NOT shy (my CRS couldn't care less about bright light with my twin HO bulbs only 11" above substrate OR my fingers moving near them in tank**)

    *150GPD 7-stage RODI filter into 32gallon Rubbermaid garbage can with air-stone & SS heater @ 72 degrees for all water needs' - remineralized with Salty Shrimp GH+ & 1/2 dose of Azoo Mineral+/Vita+ for water change - 3-4 tiny grains of Mosura PH down to match tanks 6.5PH - TDS @ 120-125PPM -
    **can make vacuuming the substrate a PITA... as they won't get-out-of-your-way

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