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Thread: Shrimp Eggs Drop... Dead???

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    Question Shrimp Eggs Drop... Dead???

    Hello guys. I'm new to this forum and I love the information i get regarding shrimps and plants.

    I have a question and if you have any thoughts please advise. Last night i saw a clump of shrimp eggs and I was wondering if they are dead. Please see attached photos. Its on top of my supposedly tree (still growing it). My question is, are they dead? I heard if a shrimp drop an egg that means its dead. She dropped everything I guess. So does that mean they’re dead?

    My shrimp stopped getting preggy. I am dosing Excel (half a cup everyday) per instructions. I’m Dosing Comprehensive, Potassium and Phosphorus also as directed. If you can see, I have a potassium and phosphorus deficiency on my marsilea minuta. Shrimps molt everyday. About 1 or 2 shrimps. Is that bad?

    29 g tank.
    (2)-39w T5 HO light.
    PH 7.6 (working to lower to at least 7)
    Trite 0
    Trate 20
    Amm 0

    Eco complete
    Peacock moss and marsile aminuta

    DIY co2 + Flourish excel + Pot and Phos + comprehensive
    Attached Images Attached Images

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