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Thread: Need some input on what to use for substrate

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    Default Need some input on what to use for substrate

    Setting up a 75 gallon planted shrimp tank and I was thinking about using black sand blasting sand (black diamond) (inert) for the top layer and some sort of soil for the bottom. I've looked at the aqua soils and fss. Seems like those type of brands are gonna be way over the price I want to pay for substrate.
    What do you guys and gals think I should do? All opinions welcome and I'm open to any suggestions.
    Also, the tank is 48 x 18 x 20, what is the rule of thumb for depth of substrate and amount when making a planted shrimp tank?
    2 -3 inches deep or is it 1 pound per gallon of water?

    Water conditions of my tap water (untreated)
    KH -3
    GH -6
    pH -7.8
    NO2 -0
    NO3 -0
    Ammonia -.5ppm

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    The planted tanks are one of my passions.
    In terms of fertile substrate, which is usually used JBL Aquabasics Plus. To me, that's what has better quality / price ratio.
    Place about 1 cm fertile substrate. After about 5-7 cm of inert substrate.

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