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Thread: Tylo Snail Set Up - Help please :)

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    Default Tylo Snail Set Up - Help please :)

    So I have a group of orange tylo snails that I would like to upgrade to a larger and better tank. I picked up a 20 gallon long tank for them and was going to do a substrate of crushed coral and some inert sand. I was planing on using Lava Rocks for the hardscape, but had a few questions before I get too into it.

    1- Can the snails climb on the rough lava rocks, or should I use smooth rocks and/or Monapi Wood (I have tons of Monapi wood on hand)?

    2- To get the conditions right I can get RO water from my pet store, or would it be ok to use distilled water? My well water is no good for them.

    3- If I use either of the waters above, should I get the Salty Shrimp power in the 7,5 or 8,5?

    4 -As Far as plants go, I was thinking maybe some mosses, floaters, and narrow leaf Java ferns. Any other ideas?

    At this point the snails will be the only fauna in the tank....MAYBE if I do well with them for a few months after cycling, I will consider Cardinal Shrimp, but I am not ready to take on the shrimp yet....unless yellow or pumpkin neos can live in these parameters?

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    ad1 - i dont think roug lava rock are good idea u should use smooth rock (if you mean mopani wood dont use this type of wood)

    ad2 - orange tylos are very forgivin in water parameters, as will be water with low NO3 and pH around 7-8 they will be fain

    ad3 - check your tap water parameters

    ad4 - i don't have in my aquarium any plants, that because they eat everything !!!

    tylomelania gelb.jpg

    have fun

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