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Thread: Visit to AquaRama in Singapore

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    Post Visit to AquaRama in Singapore

    I am having business trip to Singapore and purposely stayed over the weekend to go to this aquatic event. I have a few feedback for your reference, if in case you are planning to go there.

    1. They have very good quality of Betta fish, some of them I would say they are the best I ever saw before.

    1. There are only two shrimp specialty booths, one is a shrimp farm from China and the other is the local importer for Lowkey.
    2. Most participants and organizer do not put in much effort. Their booth look low cost and not much stuffs on display. The display aquariums look pretty make-shift type and I think most members here have better looking tank than them.

    IMO, if you are a Betta lover, the 8 bucks ticket worth it. Or else, don't waste your money and effort visiting this expo.

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    ohhh I wish I could go I love betta fish too bad I couldnt take one home grrr curse you laws

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