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Thread: Driftwood tannins

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    Hi Sebastian,

    Keith's method only helps to clean the other layer. Leaking of tannin will not be solved. I think the only safe bet agreed here is just leave it in the tank and let it slowly leech the tannin till it stop.

    But do monitor your pH when too much tannin is released. The pH can drop quite significantly if your KH is low.

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    I never said it would reduce the tannins at all.

    The DW had been boiled and all I was saying how to remove all the lose outer layer that the boiling created.

    I have a piece of DW in my tank for well over 10 years and not the slightest sign of breaking down or ever releasing tannins.

    Some of the cheap softer DW can break down completely after only a few years in a tank.

    Some breeders want the tannins in their tank its there for the fish/shrimp not for appearance.


    It is an Aust native River Red Gum.


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    Different species of wood have varying amounts of tannins. Pine is very soft, sappy wood and contains a tremendous amount of tannin. Most Oaks in the SE USA are the same way, and they are Hardwoods. I could also drive 30 minutes down to a local beach and grab as much driftwood as I can carry, and although I could never tell you what kind of wood they are, the tannin levels are very low, and they have a lot of character with the shipborer holes throughout them, and there are a lot of root balls. None of these produce any tannins though, they are bleached by the sun and the salt water for great lengths of time before they find their way to being beached in a storm.

    A lot of people sand the driftwood to create a more worn look, some scrub with a wire brush.

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