I am getting several varieties of tylo snails, I have yellow rabbit, and will be getting: sp. chocolate, Golden/golden zebra, Black rabbit, black brush rabbit, golden spot, Sulawesi king, and white spot. it's a 36G standard tank, so it isn't unusually long or tall. the place that I'm ordering the snails from is offering me a free trio of panther crabs because of the size of my order, and my frequent orders... but would panther crabs be compatable with the snails or no? I've read several contradictory statements online... I do know that panther crabs are social and can be kept in groups and with most non-agressive fish without to many problems but I'm not sure if tylo snails are part of their natural diet, or a meal on wheels they couldn't resist in an aquarium..
oh and also I have heard that Sulawesi king snails are either brackish, saltwater or semi-terrestrial snails. can anyone confirm or deny any of the above?
thanks again