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Refrain the use accentuated or localised English

We aim to be the number one international shrimps and invertebrates portal, the use of accentuated or localised English is undesirable in all topics of the forum, except ChitChat sub form.

Use of accentuated or localised English, like Singlish in the portal cannot be easily understood by other forumers from other parts of the region and thus we urge every forumers to use proper English sentences in their best capability.

Linking to an external site

We allow linking to an external site only when the following criteria are met: - the external site does not has online shopping cart that sells shrimps or other aquatic products - contents of the external site is relevant to thread - the external site is not extensively linked by a particular member or members At our discretion, we may remove any linking even if the above criteria are met or allow other link out even if the above criteria are not met. In extreme case, we may turn on censorship for a abusive URL.

Use of proper punctuation and capitalize words and sentences

Use of proper punctuation and capitalize words and sentences in necessary in this forum.

Use understandable abbreviations only

Use of abbreviation and SMS text are not encouraged, often abbreviation is localised and not understood by forumers in other part of the world. However, use of internationally recognised abbreviationed like DIY for Do-It-Yourself, PC for personal computer are allowed. For example: 'n' for 'and', and 'wif' for 'with' are not allowed.

Languages supported

We have moderators from Europe and Asia, this forum support mainly English discussion. However, we allow forumers to use Chinese and German some cases. We will translate the question and discussion to English and will discuss the thread in English.

Use of Want to Sell Sub-Forum

The system allows a forumer to post a thread in Want to Sell sub-forum based on post count, date of registration and/or internal reputation. A newly registered member will not be able to use this Sub-forum. On the whole, we want this forum to be used as exchange and information on the hobbys rather than be used as a sales tools.

Use of Commerical Buy/Sell Sub-forum

We require shop owners to obtain a small advertising poster to paste in his/her commerical entity before using this section. Poster can be obtained from any of the moderators. Hobbyists are welcome to report new stocks and events for shops, however, only news shops that carry our poster will be allowed. Start of thread in Commerical Buy/Sell Sub-Forum is moderated.

Mentioning and asking of "the shop I bought from", "where you have bought".

Mentioning and asking "the shop that sell", "the shop I bought from" should be refrain in a posts, as this forum is setup by hobbyists without any commerical purpose in mind nor want this forum to be used as an advertising tools.

Mentioning and asking "where you have bought" or "where to buy" in forum should be done in properly in the appropriate sub-forums of Want/Where to Trade/Give/Buy only.

We will edit or delete post that contains this information or question.

Soliciting Sales

Soliciting sales in all nature whether is commerical or personal are forbidded in all sub forums except in Want To Sell section. Ads of any kind in signatures is prohibited.

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