View Full Version : Feeding only natural living algae to shrimp?

25th Mar 2006, 09:16 AM
After reading everything I can here and elsewhere about feeding, I've concluded that commercial foods should be only a small portion of the diet and that the shrimp should be able to find enough food in most any established aquarium.

However, as population increases, the available natural foods will of course decrease.

I have noticed that when I do not feed a commercial food, my shrimp will find other things to eat. For instance, I did not offer any food yesterday and they found a patch of mature red-brown algae near the water surface on the filter intake and have nearly completely consumed it. Their digestive tracts are not stained a dark rusty red/brown from the algae they have gorged themselves on.

My feeling is that this algae (and the associated micro-organisms living in it) is probably the very best food possible, but this is the last patch of large algae covered surface left. Of course, there is algae and microorganisms on most every surface, but not the sort that is easily visible to the human eye.

I have also enjoyed placing an algae covered rock from another tank into my shrimp tank because it is very neat to see how they can completely pick it clean in a matter of hours.

So, here is my question: I have read that it can be bad for shrimp to eat mostly commercial foods over the long term. If the only foods I added to my tank were natural sources of living food such as these algae covered rocks from other tanks, could it ever be bad for my shrimp? Could they ever possibly eat too much of these natural foods?

I am guessing that shrimp should be able to eat all the natural living foods they can find and never be unhealthy from it.

25th Mar 2006, 04:38 PM
Provide more variety of foods for your shrimps. I feed them with crab cuisine,bloodworms,cucumber,carrots and pea.