View Full Version : RCS not looking too happy after water change

24th May 2012, 08:32 PM
Hey guys,

I'm fletcher, a new member, and fairly new to shrimp keeping although I've kept fish for 2 years.

Recently I've done a water change on my shrimp tank - parameters were all 0, save for a small amount of nitrate as I have plants, but I believe the shrimp are showing signs of chlorine shock (or whatever it is called). They seem to be huddling in the bottom corner and aren't moving too much.

I've always had fish which were a lot hardier than shrimp and in a horrible moment of forgetfulness I used dechlorinator in the new water without letting it sit for a few days like I have before, and put it in the tank.

What should I do?

Not all shrimp are huddling in the corner, but many are and I don't want to lose any if I can help it. I've added an air stone for more oxygen, but what should I do now? I have activate carbon, should I place some in my filter? Will that suck out the chlorine if that's what is causing their problem? They haven't moved for most of today and I noticed them in the corner last night.

Please help!

26th May 2012, 12:22 AM
Did you add the water first then add dechlorinator to the whole tank or did you add water like, with a jug with dechlorinator already in it? I have done both though the first was definitely an accident but I had no casualties. They were in straight tap water for about 1 minute before I realized. I always get my water in a jug and add dechlorinator to it, then pour it straight in. How large was the water change? Did you make sure the temperature of the new water was the same or close to the same as the tank before you added it?