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1st Mar 2006, 03:34 AM
Remarkable Shrimps: Adaptations and Natural History of the Carideans (Animal Natural History Series, V. 7) by Raymond T. Bauer (2004)

Does somebody know content of the book? What is quality? Is it useful for keeping of freshwater shrimps?

1st Mar 2006, 05:25 PM
C.G.Jensen from University of Washington wrote about the book:

Though crustaceans have tremendous ecological ant) economic importance, few books deal with this group. Recent publications have been technical and/or highly specialized, or have been identification guides offering little or no detail on how the animals actually function. Bauer (Univ. of Louisiana, Lafayette), an expert on the biology of Caridcan or "true" shrimps, has admirably helped fill the gap with this excellent synthesis of the literature. His love of the subject shows in accounts of how he became interested in particular aspects of shrimp biology; the book is heavily weighted toward the author's areas of interest. Introductory chapters cover form, function, and families of Caridean shrimps. The main body of the text deals primarily with coloration, grooming, symbiotic relationships, and especially reproductive biology. Bauer makes a special point of identifying areas where research is lacking, making this book a particularly useful resource for anyone seeking project ideas. It was not intended as a definitive guide to shrimp biology; as noted in the preface such an undertaking would require several volumes. It is, however, an essential addition to natural history libraries that will undoubtedly help stimulate interest in this remarkable group.