View Full Version : Tetra AquaArt tank questions

4th Oct 2011, 07:41 AM
Some time ago I've putted an eye on Tetra AquaArt nano aquariums, above all on 20l . They're small, simple, quite elegant, closed with good access and with an acceptable pll lamp incorporated.
What do you think about them?
This question is for the owners of these tanks. What are the main 'disadvantages' you see to these tanks? Have you got any problem with anything? (for example, bad access for automatical feeders/filters, temperature got higher on summer cause it's closed, small size, ligthning bad stuff... something else...)

12th Oct 2011, 06:52 AM
the lighting on my one failed, so had to buy an external one. Other than that the only other annoying thing is if you want to run an external filter, you gonna have to modify the tank abit. but other than that, can;t complain.