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Cape Shrimp
29th Sep 2011, 06:50 AM
I have lost several Tigers and a couple of RCS over the past ten days and would be very keen to find out what is happening here ? The tigers turn an orange colour for a few days before finally succumbing. The shrimp only tank was set up 5weeks ago. To speed up the cycling process I used for the most part already matured bacteria media from another running canister filter.

All shrimp seemed fine and happy for the first two to three weeks with several of them coming onto berry.

Tank specs - Igwami style 60lt, Aqua Clear 30 HOB filter with Biomax and Purigen. Temp 24’C
Substrate – Flourite Black sand. As I was initially planning to grow a glosso and HC carpet I added the following on the bottom glass below the Flourite, a very thin ‘conservative’ layer of earthworm castings, a minor sprinkling of Guanasol (less than half a tablet) and Osmocote, say thirty granules max. In the end I opted for a riccia carpet which covers over 90% of the floor surface and a small amount of HC in the front of the tank, so by and large no plant roots have utilised the substrate recipe, ... is this perhaps part of the problem with the enriching of the substrate going to waste ?

Water parameters - use a 70% well point and 30% tap water mix (with Kent Chlorinex)
I have used the same well point water for many years with tropical fish and a koi pond with good results. Well point water = Kh2 Gh7, Ph 5.5, TDS 320ppm, EC 480. Tap water = no Gh or Kh, PH 8.5, TDS 100, EC 160
Tank – Kh 1to 2, Gh approx 7 to 8, Ph 6.5, no levels of ammonia & nitrate and with minimal nitrite 0 to 1 mg/l. I don;t have the TDS and EC readings of the tank at the moment, as I do not own the test kit.

I have been doing a 10 to 20% water change every second day.

Being a shrimp newbie, any advice would be most welcome and going forward with how I should cater for my water shrimp-wise, given the water parameters I am working with or should I perhaps rather go with RO water and added minerals ?

16th Oct 2011, 12:34 PM
You should cut down on your water change frequency and %. Your current practise would be considered too much. I doubt your shrimps can take it.

Cape Shrimp
17th Oct 2011, 04:31 PM
You should cut down on your water change frequency and %. Your current practise would be considered too much. I doubt your shrimps can take it.

Thanks agreed, have started to do this, but felt the initial water changes were important given the fertilisation I had put into the substrate and ended up not using. My KH was also very low at 1 perhaps two, so I was keen to slowly increase this, but then realised that of course my PH was also climbing, as I am not using Co2 in this tank. I have therefore continued to do small water changes until the PH dropped to about 7.5 . The floor and and back wall are fully carpeted with riccia, which looks great, but quite a bit of debri is collecting under it which is a concern... ?

19th Oct 2011, 02:29 PM
I don't monitor my kH. I think it stayed around 0 or 1.
Focus more on your gH and pH. Drastic change in either one of them or both will result in heavy casualty.
A lot of people raised their tigers in netural to alkaline envirnonment, but I did mine in acidic. My tigers are still doing well. Perhaps, they have adapted pretty well to that by now. The lastest batch that i bought was march of this year. Others are a few generation offsprings from their 2 years old great grand parents.