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20th Jul 2011, 01:00 PM
To All the Pro's/Experts ...

Can you direct me to any past threads/info of the orgins of the Bee Shrimp, and all it's variants we have today .... i.e. where do Blue Bolts,KK, BP originate .... There seems to be some conflicting beliefs/understanding, but surely with the shared opinions out there, we can better understand where, how & even when ?

Thank you in advance.

21st Jul 2011, 07:12 PM
Best is to check this subforum a bit, where you will find some useful threads. As scientific proofs miss, we nowadays know that Taiwan Bee comefrom mutated CR groups. Mostly in strains with Snow White genes, suddenly darker wine red shrimp appaered. Checking some more threads, you will also read that some keepers suddenly had blue mutations (Crystal Blue) in their CB groups.

These facts all lead to more questions, as in which points the caridina shrimp (Tiger, CR/CB, Snow White, Golden Snow) really differ, and if there is a linking gene (crossing over).