View Full Version : What is brackish water?

6th Jan 2006, 07:00 AM
Can someone tell me what exactly brackish water is? What's the typical PH, temp and other chemicals to make brackish water?

I've been thinking about putting wood shrimps in brackish water at all time to breed them. My assumption is that shrimps are not salmons and in nature they don't migrate to different places for breeding. Which means they breed in wherever they live which is probably either brackish or saltwater. It's a very high possibility that they will breed if you put them in these kinds of water all the time. Has anyone done that?

6th Jan 2006, 08:15 AM
The brackish water normally you can found at stream which close to the sea side. Which is the fresh water mixed with sea water. The salinity is around 25-30ppm.

As i know the yamato/japonica larvae, Banana wood larvae, red nose, mosquito and others larvae following the water flow from the fresh water to the river which with brackish water. So that the larvae can get their food like brine shrimp and others. After they fully grown (after 40 days) and will swim back to the fresh water.

Do a search in this forum. There are few experts in here get the larvae grown in brackish water. Larvae will survice in fresh water for a day or 2 before you relocate them to brackish water.

If you scare you might get the wrong ppm of water. You can get the old water from those marine fella. I got mine from marine hobbyst n able to get the banana wood shrimp larvae survive.

You cant really put the shrimp in brackish water all the time.