View Full Version : Noob needs shrimp advice!

30th Dec 2005, 06:40 AM
Hey folks.

This is my tank setup right now:

1 Gallon Hexafun tank
Consists of 4-5 Japonica shrimp
Unheated (temperature stable at 69F)
Sponge filter, that also blows lots of bubbles
Substrate and some java moss and a few rocks.

This tank is for my room, so lighting consists of me just turning on my room light. I notice the sponge filters blows a lot of bubbles.

Is a 1 gallon okay for Japonica shrimp?
For japonica shrimp, is it okay to have moving water?
I notice these guys tend to sit around the bottom a lot and hang out by the rocks and moss. (Is this normal?)
And lastly, is 69F okay for these folks?

a pic of the tank:


Jane of Upton
31st Dec 2005, 05:46 AM
I see this is not near a window, and you mentioned Java Moss. Is there a light in your hood, and if so, what type? Even Java Moss needs light to grow.

If there is a socket for an incandescent light bulb, I'd suggest putting a spiral compact flourescent in its place. They run cooler, and you get a lot more light for the watts. They are fairly inexpensive, too.

How much Java Moss is in your tank - I can't see much.

Also, your C. japonicas would appreciate a bit of algae growing for them to eat, in addition to other foods.