View Full Version : real name sulawesi shrimp

3rd Oct 2010, 07:37 PM
hello guys, what is the real name of this shrimp from sulawesi? for aristocratama is Blue Tiger Bee

3rd Oct 2010, 09:43 PM
Most of the shrimp from Sulawesi and Indonesia lack scientific taxonomy. I guess there is no official or scientific name for that shrimp yet.

6th Oct 2010, 04:16 AM
I believe this is not a Sulawesi shrimp at all. This is Caridina serratirostris, the Ninja shrimp. As it changes colour readily, it is sold under different names; Blue Tiger Bee and Honey Bee being two of them.

As evidence, I have seen an aquatics shop import them and receive the said species, as well as an eBay store which incorrectly assumed they were Blue Bee shrimp ('Paracaridina' sp). I purchased some and corrected their error, and now I have some of my own.

They will not breed in freshwater, so acknowledge this if you are still interested in them despite them not being Sulawesi shrimp.

Hope this helps :)