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22nd Mar 2005, 08:47 AM
I hope you guys staying in Singapore watch out for these fogging events and take precaution. The insecticide they used is very potent, I really worry for our health. If the mosquitoes didnt kill us, sooner or later the insecticide will.

Usually the fogging is done downside at ground level. Yesterday's fogging was done along our corridors.

HDB people came and fogged the corridors with insecticide. You know what they didnt paste the notice in advanced and fog the same day they paste it. :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: I guess the insecticide came in thr the gaps in the front door when no one is around and the cooling fan made it worse by drawing the insecticide towards the shrimp tank.

When i came home from work yesterday, I saw the notice and panicked ..... as expected when i entered my house, i see the crs twitching and darting around the tank. Some were already on the gravel dying....turning white and some already blackish red(dead). They were all right on Sat night still gobbling my boiled spinach.....Talking abt monday blues, its a dark monday for me.

I just lost 95% of my crs, half of the crs confirmed dead. The other half still twitching and struggling for their life. Only one seems not affected but I cant be sure. 4 cherrys dead, i see other with little signs of struggling. The adults seem to be affected more than the young cherrys. So far no deaths for the young cherries. My effort to keep them healthy and alive has all gone down the drain in a day.


22nd Mar 2005, 09:09 AM
Thank you for the warning. Sorry about your shrimp. I think should close all windows to minimise this type of damage.


22nd Mar 2005, 09:26 AM
Sorry to hear that, CBSim.

I have long suspect that fumigation is harmful to shrimps, however, no hard evidence. Fumgation is carried out weekly at my place however at the ground floor only and I am not in ground floor. I have asked the management office to get the pest control company to call me, I will understand toxication level of fumigation from them.

22nd Mar 2005, 11:02 AM
I remember sometimes they also fog the rubbish chutes......I must tape the chute door tight always...... one day i forgot. I was awaken by smell of the fume(btw i was sleeping in an aircon room). When i went into the kitchen, white fumes coming out from under the sink where the chute door was. The fumes was everywhere, . So i quick tape it shut and use a fan to blow out the fumes through the window. Luckily i was around that day.I wasnt rearing any shrimps yet.

The notice has always appeared in advance except on that day.

I live near the ground floor lvl 3

This Fuming events has been a threat to my hobby ever since that day. Fuming at corridor is a nono IMO. Wat do you expects us to do.....tape the front door tight? I know they are trying to clear the pest.....but maybe at the risk of our health....how abt those ppl who didnt even notice the paper on the walls its zero prevention for them. Of course we are not dead yet.....but in long term it will definitely cause major health problems especailly to those poor workers carrying out the fuming.

22nd Mar 2005, 11:29 AM
I see this is a form of animal cruelty, perhaps you want to bring this issue to SPCA and even see your MP.

22nd Mar 2005, 12:10 PM
:eek: sorry to hear that, CBSim....

is there anything we can do to protect our tank, besides complaining to the MP...etc.?

understand those using chiller can cover their tank 24/7... but i am one of those using fan blow!! :eek:

any enlightening idea? :bs_help:

- off the fan and cover the tank on the fogging day? (sorry for those last minute notice)....
- will blowing the air outoff, rather than onto the water surface help?

22nd Mar 2005, 12:28 PM

You shouldn't be worry as you are in Germany. Do you really need to add a fan to the already cold weather?

22nd Mar 2005, 02:25 PM
MAN! poor shrimps. that's very inconsiderate of them! not only shrimps, pet birds, some fishes, dogs and cats will be affected, they have no idea how important these pets are to us :mad: fortunately i live on the 8th floor, hope those who are living along the lower floors take extra precautions :)

22nd Mar 2005, 10:18 PM
Sad to hear that bro Sim....

The more i read this thread the more i scare....
I am living in HDB 2nd level only.... Must be prepare for such thing..

How about on a big fan near the tank which blowing the air away from tank...

22nd Mar 2005, 10:21 PM

Do you intend to keep the survived shrimps in the same old tank?

Don't be discouraged, will give you some when you are ready again.

23rd Mar 2005, 09:01 AM
Thanks fruitpie.

Sad to hear that bro Sim....

The more i read this thread the more i scare....
I am living in HDB 2nd level only.... Must be prepare for such thing..

How about on a big fan near the tank which blowing the air away from tank...

Hi jojocute,

big fan might not work....cause the wind from outdoors blowing in will carry the insecticide with it. It wont do much good if the air in your house already has heavy amount of insecticide in the air.

The best way when they fog your corridor or ground level is to close all the windows, stuff the front door gaps(below) with cloth and use a newpaper to wrap all around the top of the shrimp tank sealing the fan within so it wouldnt draw too much surrounding air. Should be safe open the windows after an hour or two only if the insecticide smell in the air clears just to play safe.