View Full Version : HELP Water from tap is 0.50 ammonia

6th Jan 2010, 03:03 PM
ok so i just tested my tap water, and it tested out to .50 ammonia after i used water dechlorination product.before i used the dechlor, there was no ammonia, so i think they add chlormines in my municipality. Edit: used Amquel+ and tested water and there was zero ammonia

what are my options?
on hand i have tetra easy balance, and amquel+(don't plan on mixing the 2, will use amquel+, till i can buy some prime.) i wonder if both these are safe for fresh water shrimp, and will they effectively lower my ammonia levels to safe point for shrimp ? Edit: from my reading looks like prime will soon be my newdeclorinator saying it is safe in shrimp tank?

i read the bottle for the Amquel+ says if you use a test kit that uses the nessler reagents , it will not read the results properly, does any one know if nessler reagents are what the api liquid test use ? Edit: seems that the API is a salicyicate type test.

6th Jan 2010, 04:37 PM
I would pick one and only use one. If you start to mix dechlorinators you can have devistating results.

As for the ammonia, you could use an old filter with some carbon to help remove it, or even use a sponge from a filter as a biological method. Otherwise you may have to use things such as ammolock media to try remove it. That is if the dechlorinators have no effect. I know the Tetra one isn't meant to remove ammonia, and from a quick google of amquel+ I beleive that it is meant to help remove it.

As a test, you could always take a small sample, add a bit of each to seperate samples and see which gives you best results without taking the risk of mixing and/or killing your shrimps.

Hope thats helpful!