View Full Version : A different type of Temperature Fluctuation question

6th Oct 2009, 06:00 AM
Obviously, temp. fluctuations in a tank with NO chiller are large and bad for shrimp.

My question deals with the temp. fluctuations in a tank WITH a chiller. I've read that some chillers have more than the standard 2 degree grace period before the chiller turns on. Would a constant four degree fluctuation in temperature be bad for crs?

For example, lets say my chiller is set to 72f (22.2c). The chiller chills down to this temp, but doesn't turn back on until 76c (24.4c). So basically, all day long, the tank temp goes back and forth between 72f to 76f.

Is this ok for the crs?

Does anyone have any 1st hand experience with a chiller like this?


Summit MicroFarm
17th Jan 2010, 06:26 AM
GOOD question daveruns!!!

I would love to hear other peoples data:D