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26th Jul 2005, 06:24 AM
:shocked: Hi,
I am starting a tank up with filter feeder shrimp. I,m new to the hobby as far as shrimp go. My armored or vampire shrimp are doing fine.
I was wondering If Wood shrimp would get along with them. If so how many can I have In my setup. It is a 30g long with driftwood and java moss.
I have 3 vamps at 2.5 in . What would be my max for bio load be as far as shrimp go.
Also any tips on easy care Plants i.e type would be a help.

Good Circulation and flow are being applied
10 to 12 turnover per hour Circulation, filtration being
at 6 tph

27th Jul 2005, 04:43 PM
Hi Flowmaster and welcome. :)

I've never had the Vampire shrimp, but do have the Wood shrimp. As far as I know, filter shrimp are harmless, so there's no problem there. Not sure if they would do a little "pushing around" with each other, though that too, should be harmless. It's also possible they could completely ignore each other.

There are too many variables in a tank to give a number in terms of bioload, but here's what I've noticed with my two Wood shrimp. They can poop quite a bit for shrimp that gets fed a small amount only twice a week. So they must be filtering a lot of stuff that's in the tank. I've also noticed that my 20 gallon is probably a bit on the small side for them; filter shrimp likes a lot of room. So with a 30 gallon, I wouldn't get too many since you already have Vampires in it. But of course if you have a well-aged tank with an efficient system (which I imagine you do, hence your username lol ), it's less of a problem. You could try out a few at first, to see how they do.

Some easy care plants are java fern and Windelov's fern. Other people might have more suggestions; I unfortunately have a brown thumb!

If you don't mind my asking, do you know the sex of your Vampires? Do they all have the very large first leg after the filter arms? I was just curious because I've heard it said that most Vampires sold are males with the very large first pair of legs. Supposedly the females have skinnier first legs (as compared to the male).


28th Jul 2005, 04:20 AM
Thank for the reply GB.

Not To sure on the sex of the vampires but, I Bought them as a group.
One of the 3 does seem a bit thinner in body frame ,And the first set of arms
are thinner also.
Maybe its a female but, could be a Runt also.
Do female vamps Still have the thick first set of arms,(compared to male thinner but pronounced) or are they all thin like the other 3 sets.
Only time will tell.

p.s How about crs in the tank, As the Vampire shrimp seem harmless.

29th Jul 2005, 01:36 PM
Hi Flowmaster, at 2.5 inches, they'll still be growing. They can grow to 5 - 6 inches or so.

Yes, the Vampire shrimp will be harmless and will not hurt Crystal Reds or any of the other species. My filter shrimp are in there with my Red Cherry shrimplets, even newborns, and they don't harm them. :)

The Vampire shrimp is a tropical species and do best between 75 - 84 degrees. However, the Crystal Reds do not tolerate the higher end of those temperatures, so it's something to be aware of. You could read up on some of the CRS threads and species page to see if it's something you want to get into; from what I understand, they are the more difficult species to keep and do well with. There are people here who can help you out if you have specific questions about them, too.