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27th Feb 2009, 09:55 PM
Hey guys, nice to see such an active shrimp forum.
Im aware that sponge filters are usually crowned the best of the best when it comes to shrimp tanks, but im unsure how they work, and none of my lfs seem to sell them!
So i settled for a fluval U2, as it contains carbon pads, foam and also ceramic media for biological filtration build up.
Although its designed for 55-110l fish tanks, mine currently resides in my 35l tank, which is a setup for shrimp and their young. Ive tied nylon tights around the filter intake in order to prevent baby shrimp being sucked in.
Would the biological filtration present be satisfactory for a shrimp tank?
Anyone got one of these filters in their tanks?
Thanks guys.

28th Feb 2009, 02:00 AM
You are probably better off with this filter... just try to keep the flow rate from blasting your shrimp around, keep the babies from being sucked in (as you have), and you should be fine!

I've been told and also have noticed myself that larger canister filters can take longer to "cycle".

FWIW, I have a canister filter rated for 92 gallons on my 20 gallon shrimp tank (Eheim Pro II - 2026).

28th Feb 2009, 02:05 AM
I did a ammonia, nitrite and PH test, and readings came back as 0,0 and ph 6.8.
The new born do get blasted around a little, as they seem to have somewhat little control over their direction, so im trying to get plenty of java moss in there for the shrimplets to be comfy in.
I have a big piece of bogwood/mopani wood in there currently, and despite being clean its still releasing tannins! A drop of milk and youd have your largest cup of tea!
So i plan on replacing it with a coconut shell and some slate :)

26th Apr 2009, 10:43 PM
Take the wood out, boil it in a pot of boiling water (on the stove for bbq) for 3-4 hours, change the water 2-3 times.

sit the wood in cold water for a number of hours with dechlorinator in the water (5-6x dose)

next day, put it back in the tank.
buy some seachem purigen and see if you can fit it in your filter, it will remove any tannins 100% your water will have never been so clear. Purigen makes the fish look like they are floating in air! (provided enough mechanical filtration is present.) Replace the carbon with purigen.
Carbon is hopeless at removing tannins by comparison to purigen, and generally you shouldn't use carbon in shrimp/planted tanks. As it tends to remove useful minerals ect from the water. Purigen does not. it's expensive, but worth every cent.


29th Apr 2009, 12:46 PM
Purigen is indeed amazing - and you can regenerate it many many times.