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12th Jul 2005, 10:10 AM
Hi all, I'm new to the forum and thanks for an informative site. Recently I converted an Eclipse 12g to a shrimp only tank (java fern and windelov, anubias nana, crypt wendtii, java moss, and 6 cherry shrimps). The cherries seem to be doing well, and several have moulted already over the last two weeks since I've got them. Some newbie questions, if I may.

Are shrimps active at night? I've read most of the library materials and many posts here, but there's no mention that they are nocturnal. I assume they are not and I do see activities during the day. Just wondering whether they are active at all during the dark cycle.

Many people appear to keep a variety of shrimps in the same tank. Are there any compatibility issues I need to consider when adding other types of shrimps? I wouldn't mind adding some variety.

I already have a piece of coarse foam placed inside the filter intake basket. The current shrimps are large enough so there's no danger of them getting sucked in. However, is the coarse foam adequate to prevent baby shrimplets from being sucked in, just in case the cherries spawn? How big are the babies when they hatch?

Thanks in advance for your responses.

12th Jul 2005, 10:29 AM
Hi Hydro ,

Welcome to the forum !

Shrimps are nocturnal. I find most of the shrimps come out to look for food at about 8pm even though some are active in days time.

Shrimps from Caridina genus do well when kept together due to their non aggressive nature. Filter shrimps like Bamboo/Wood Shrimp are gentle giants can be kept with others. Plentiful of hidding places should be provided in all cases.

13th Jul 2005, 02:59 AM
Hi Hydro and welcome! :)

About the compatibility issue, generally speaking, try to avoid Macrobrachium species in the same tank, they are an agressive species and can predate on some fish and shrimp. The smaller algae-eating shrimps are fine, as Fruitpie mentions, and also filter shrimp, but with those, you'll need a larger tank.

There is an issue you might run into, which is that some may cross-breed, so some thought needs to be put into that too. For example, the Red Cherry, a Neocaridina species can be kept with one of the Caridina species, like say, a Tiger shrimp, but a Tiger shrimp *might cross-breed with say, a Bee shrimp, Chinese Zebra shrimp or Crystal Red, so you might want to avoid that combination. Reading the species pages helps in that regard, and also, if you're still unsure, you could always ask.

The babies when first hatched are very small, a little smaller than the size of this exclamation mark: ! (Though I have NO idea if the same size shows on your PC!) lol Basically, when you see eggs, try to imagine that size baby, except "unrolled" into a longer shrimp shape. I'm not familiar with your kind of filtration, I have a powerhead style with an intake tube that I covered with a Fluval 2 sponge. But I still check inside the filter compartment - haven't found any yet, but they're still tiny, so if they're there, can't see them yet.

With your Cherries, if you haven't noticed it yet, some should start developing a "yellow saddle." Those will be the ovaries of females. If everything's going well, they should start reproducing by about age 3 months, provided you have some males in the batch too.


13th Jul 2005, 09:45 AM
Hi Hydro,

I am also fairly new to the world of shrimp.

I have not noticed any particular difference in activity in my tank during the evening. During the day it appears the shrimp in my tank are fairly active in the afternoon.
I am not sure how active they are at night ... it gets dark in there.

I have a number of different types in my tank (Cherry, Nectarine, Unknown Neocaridina. Singapore, and 4 Pencil Fish). They all seem to fit well with each other. I have even found the smaller shrimp sitting on top of the Singapore shrimp while it was filter feeding.

Cannot give you much advice on shrimp breeding.

13th Jul 2005, 11:57 AM
Thanks for the warm welcome and your quick replies.

So they are nocturnal. I'll have to peek in on them after lights out.

I've only seen cherries and ghost shrimps around the LFS. If I come across any of the more exotic and colorful variety, I'll be sure to check here about compatibility before getting any.

I don't have any cherries carrying eggs yet. Actually, I don't know whether I have both males and females in the mix; they all look very similar to my untrained eyes. It does sound like the shrimplets could be small enough to squeeze through the coarse sponge that I have. I can easily switch to a finer one.

Thanks again.

13th Jul 2005, 03:27 PM
Do take note ghost shrimps will harm other shrimps or smaller fishes as they have those nasty pincers and are more carnivorous.

For looking at shrimp genders you can check out the articles in this forum's gallery. :)

Happy shrimp keeping! They are cute and interesting little creatures. :D