View Full Version : Keeping of Mini Crab

4th Dec 2008, 01:26 PM
Hi guys, i got this mini crab just yesterday. She's superby cute! i'm thinking of getting a male one for her. Anyone else also keep these crabs? as i might need some pointers and guides on how to take care of them.
Like what they eat? what temperature do they need and what type of environment would be good for them.

It's scientific name should be Geosesarma sp. "Orange/Mandarin"

Here's some images of her =)

I'm keeping her in a small tank with 3 pebbles for her to stand on but my question will be, because i have no air pump or filter as i'm afraid that she might climb out of the tank, there will be no water movements and there might be mosqitoes breeding in the waters. Do i put fishes? but i'm afraid that the fishes will die because i have no air pump or filter.

Another question would be whether she would need freshwater will do, or need brackish water/salt water.

Thanks guys:D