View Full Version : Why do people age tap water??

25th Jun 2008, 12:11 PM
i have heard of people ageing tap water for a couple of days. i have never aged my tap water. i just add dechlorinate to the water and put it straight into my tank. it helps my PH form getting to low as well. so why do people age tap water???? :huh:

25th Jun 2008, 04:09 PM
People age tap water to allow the chlorine in chlorinated water to degrade, since the chemical bond is unstable. However, you can only do that if your municipality uses chlorine to treat your water. If they use chloramine, which many more areas are starting to do, you need to dechlor* your tank before use. Chloramine has a much stronger chemical bond that will not break apart even if you let it sit for a long time, and it will suffocate your fish because it inhibits breathing through their gills. Since you use dechlor* you don't have to worry about aging your water.

25th Jun 2008, 07:11 PM
I believe aging tap water came from old days where people gather water from well and river, they aged water simply to let sand, metal particles and impurities settle down to the bottom. In my opinion once tap water is properly dechlor/dechloramine no need to age because aging can't eliminate ammonia breaks down from chloramine.

26th Jun 2008, 02:43 AM
I learned somewhere (heck, I could have learned it from this forum) warm water leaches metals from your water pipes into the water. This is particularly dangerous if you have any copper piping-copper is toxic to invertebrates, and using warm water direct from the tap can also put copper from your plumbing into your tank. I personally use cold water from the tap, let it sit a few days to get up to room temperature, then put it in the tank. Using cold water from your tap and letting it warm naturally is the only sure-fire way to know, you know? I just try to play it safe.